Worlds Predictions

You guys. Worlds is in just about a week! Although I will not be attending worlds this year, I will be streaming the competition via the World Wide Web.

I want to jump right into my predictions. I’ve contemplated this list over and over, I’ve watched an infinite amount of cheer videos, and I’m still not 100% confident with my list. Yes I have done my homework, I’ve researched for hours, but as you know, anything can happen at worlds. So I’ve put together my list based on what I think are the best PREDICTIONS. I would love to hear everyone else’s predictions.

Here goes nothing.

International Open CoEd Level 6

1. Bangkok University
2. GymTyme Chrome
3. Bogota Cheer Athletics

International Open All Girl Level 6

1. Cheer Athletics Lady Katz
2. Flyers All Starz Pink Fearless
3. CheerForce Lady Aztecs

International Open CoEd Level 5

1. CheerForce Nfinity
2. Cheer Athletics Wildcats
3. GymTyme Black

International Open All Girl Level 5

1. GymTyme Pink
2. Cali Sparkle
3. Vancouver Ice Queens

Large All Girl

1. World Cup Shooting Stars
2. Cheer Athletics Panthers
3. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

Large CoEd

1. Top Gun
2. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs
3. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite
4. Cali Coed

Medium All Girl

1. Maryland Twisters F5
2. Spirit of Texas A-Team
3. Cali Aces

Medium CoEd

1. Cali Black Ops
2. Spirit of Texas Royalty
3. Twist and Shout Obsession

Small All Girl

1. Lady Lightning
2. Woodlands Generals
3. Cali Lady Bullets

Small CoEd

1. Cali Smoed
2. Brandon Senior Black
3. PCM

There it is. My exhausted list. Now if you are wondering why I chose the teams I did, please check out my podcast:

It is filled with not just my opinions but facts that support my predictions.

For all comments and questions and even your predictions you can comment here or email me at