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2016 Cheerleading Worlds Predictions

It’s just about that time of year again everybody! CHEERLEADING WORLDS! Let’s all do a synchronous hooray…HOORAY! This is the time of the season when people start predicting which teams they think will win cheerleading worlds. Each year for the past 3 years I’ve been saying that I’m going to do an in-depth podcast/YouTube video/blog on who I think will win worlds in each category…naturally that never happens, but this year “is the year.”

On a serious note, the lack of support is always what discourages me from doing such an extensive video, but I’ve decided to do it this year for myself…whoever reads/watches/listens will just be an extra incentive on my side 🙂

I’m still debating on whether I’m doing a YouTube video or a podcast as I go in-depth with my actual predictions. In all honesty, it would take hours and hours of typing for pages and pages of predictions that people don’t want to read. Maybe you guys can help me out with that. Leave your comments below with what you would rather have…a video or a podcast!

Yes, this blog is titled “2016 Cheerleading Worlds Predictions” but this is going to be a preview teaser of who I think will make the top 5-6 placements in the senior divisions only, and once I decide on which platform I want to further elaborate on, my actual predictions will be announced.

My predictions are based on (if it matters) this years performances at NCA Dallas and/or UCA Orlando. I’m going based off the routines that these teams put out, not what placements they received. With the updated scoring that’s going on at worlds ( i.e., bobbles counting as deductions) who KNOWS what will happen with teams who may not have perfected certain skills. Also, teams may have added difficulty to their routines, and I’m not affiliated with any of these gyms, so I wouldn’t know. These predictions are going off my knowledge of cheerleading, the scoring system, and the routines that have already been showcased to the world.

So…here goes nothing. Remember, these are in no particular order (except maybe alphabetical).

Small Senior

  • Cheer Extreme SSX
  • Green Bay Elite All Stars Lime
  • ICE Lady Lightning
  • Stingray All Stars Apple
  • Woodlands Elite Generals

Small Senior Coed

  • Brandon All Stars Senior Black
  • California All Stars Smoed
  • GymTyme All Stars Platinum
  • KC Cheer Fierce Five
  • Prodigy All Stars Midnight

Medium Senior

  • California All Stars Aces
  • Cheers and More Lady Respect
  • FAME All Stars Super Seniors
  • Spirit of Texas A Team
  • Stingray All Stars Peach
  • Top Gun All Stars Lady Jags

Medium Senior Coed

  • California All Stars Black Ops
  • Maryland Twisters Reign
  • Twist and Shout Obsession
  • Woodlands Elite Black Ops
  • World Cup Odyssey

Large Senior

  • Cheer Athletics Panthers
  • Cheer Extreme Senior Elite
  • Maryland Twisters F5
  • Stingray All Stars Orange
  • World Cup Shooting Stars

Large Senior Coed

  • California All Stars Cali Coed
  • Cheer Athletics Cheetahs
  • Cheer Extreme Coed Elite
  • Stingray All Stars Steel
  • Top Gun All Stars TGLC

That’s it…my preliminary list of who I think will globe at worlds. If you guys think my list is WAY off, or if I’m forgetting anyone, comment and let me know. Don’t forget to let me know if you would rather have a YouTube video or a podcast on my final predictions. Thanks y’all!

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Crossovers: A New Cheer High or Low?

Crossovers. Double teamers. Triple teamers. Competing on more than one team. Whatever you want to call it, it’s definitely a hot topic in the sport of cheerleading. For those of you that are not familiar what a crossover competitor is, it is someone who competes on more than one team within their program. There are a plethora of reasons as to why gym owners have their athletes cross compete and I’ll try my best to explain the most common reasons…both the selfish and unselfish.

Not Enough Athletes

All gym owners and programs SHOULD place their athletes on teams based by levels and then age groups. If a program has x amount of level 2 athletes but the ages conflict so that  there might only be 7 kids on a Youth 2 aged 9 and younger, you might want to think about having athletes from other teams crossover to that team. Yes, it is possible for a team to be successful with 7 athletes (e.g. Allstar Athletics Lucky 7), however when you have a team of 7 exclusive flyers, back spots, or bases, it doesn’t work out too well. If you have a Junior 3 team that has age eligible athletes who can crossover to a Youth team and can contribute to that team by building stunt groups without forcing athletes to be a position they’re not physically fit to be, then yes let them crossover.

To Make Your Program Seem Bigger

If you have a program with 140 athletes and each athlete has their own team and each team has an average of 20 athletes, that’s about 7 teams. If it’s possible to make 3 or 4 more teams in the same level, they’re already in, then why not? Your program will seem bigger and more successful which attracts future clients.

To Win

This is one of the reasons crossovers should NOT be allowed. There are some programs who allow their level 3 and 4 athletes to compete as level 1 and 2 cheerleaders. Yes, everyone wants to win, however, what lesson are these athletes learning if you are taking your higher level athletes and putting them against true level 1 and 2 cheerleaders.

Cherita’s thoughts…

I understand having crossovers to make a team for the 7 or 8 athletes that are stuck without a team but I believe there should be rules and regulations for them. For instance, I think there should be a one level cross over limit. You should only be able to cross over to a team one level higher or lower than your primary team. I use the word primary, because I think there should only be one team an athlete is dedicated to. I also think there should be a limit of how many crossover athletes are on any given team. This will eliminate full squad or almost full squad crossovers from a level 4 to a level 2 for instance.  I’m not 100% against crossovers based on my experiences as a coach, but I do not agree with having multiple athletes crossover to a team and I also do not agree with competitors crossing from 2 or more levels up to a lower level just to create the impression that you’re better than you actually are.

Thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts?

NCA Judges ARE fair!

Yes, I said it, and I will continue to stand by my word. As many of you know, the biggest Nationals in the nation happened this past weekend. If you happened to be on any form of social media, I’m sure you read the plethora of ignorant comments about how awful the judges are and how this sport is rigged. Let’s set one thing straight, just because you WANTED a team to win doesn’t mean they DESERVED to win. Whichever team won, won. Point. Blank. Period.

And who’s to say whether a team deserved to win or not? Those athletes worked SO incredibly hard to accomplish what they did. For you to take that away from them is rude and hurtful. How would you feel if you won worlds and you have a bunch of people saying another team deserved it? Of course you didn’t think of it that way. 

 For those of you who think the judges watch the routine and look at the team name on the uniform and whisper into the announcers ear who they THINK should win, have it allllll wrong. Anyone who thinks judges are biased are the people who would judge unfairly. Judges are professional, and there isn’t just ONE judge. I’ll give you a judging 101 lesson real quick. 

 There are usually 4 different types of judges at any given competition. The head judge, panel judge, rules judge, and deductions judge. Not one of these judges knows 100% what place any team is in due to how much goes into judging. If you’re still confused, I’ll explain a little further. 

Head Judge – This judge watches the routine and places the team into a specifc range based on what is put out on the floor. They don’t care how good or bad the skills are performed, they just need to know how many people or groups did the level (or non level) appropriate skills and places them in a range. It’s great that you have a standing back handpring, but if you’re in level 4 or 5, you’re not going to score as high as a team doing standing tucks, no matter how crappy they are.


Panel Judge – This judge is the one who gives the point scores. This is the judge who tells you what you need to improve on, and how you can score higher in the range that you are in. This judge can’t score any higher or lower than the range the head judge gives them. 

Rules Judge – This judge is watching for illegal stunts, tumbling, etc. Throughout the routine. This judge knows the levels and knows what is appropriate for each level.


Deductions Judge – This judge is watching for falls, touchdowns, bobbles, etc. This judge could care less that you did a double up, if you bobble or fall doing the double up, it’s a deduction. 

        Hopefully that clears things up. 

 People were SO upset that Top Gun won after they had 2 falls on day 2. I’m not sure if you watched day 1, but they hit day 1. Day 1 does mean something. They didn’t win by a lot, but because they did what they were supposed to do day 1, and they had a high raw score, that left room for error. I’m not saying everyone has to go out and try and throw extremely hard skills and fall because you will score higher, but they were good at the skills that they did and probably scored relatively high in execution.

Since everyone thinks the judges have it wrong because Cheetahs hit day 2 and OBVIOUSLY should have won…what about ACE Cheer Company? They hit zero deductions BOTH days and still got 4th. Why isn’t anyone complaining about that? Riddle me that one? Oh, probably because their RAW score didn’t match up to the teams ahead of them. But there’s NO WAY that a team could have dropped and won. With that theory all teams who hit should win. Every team in level 5 should do straight up libs as their elite, round-off back hanspring tucks as their tumbling pass, and single toe-touch to tuck as their jump sequence. It’s clean, it hits.

To make you feel more like cookie crumbs, what about this question…why isn’t anyone arguing about the placements of the special athlete division? Probably because you have no business judging them. They’re out there having a good time, and doing what they love! No difference between them and the worlds divisions. 

I’ve been hit with the “cheer is a subjective sport” crap. Guess what else is subjective? Gymnastics, ice-skating, diving, any sport that has a judge and not a referee. But for some reason, everyone involved in cheer thinks they are a judge because they prefer one team over the other. And this is one reason why cheer will NEVER be recognized as a sport. Parents, coaches, and athletes always have to put the blame on SOMEONE for why their team didn’t win. Nothing is ever fair in cheer. It’s all about the team name. If the issue is that bad, do something about it. Be the voice. Find out which judges are playing favorites. Stop complaining or stop cheering. I guarantee the same people who are complaining about “bad judging” are the SAME ones who are going to order the live stream of NCA next year and the year after that. 

 If we could come together as a cheer community, and not bash athletes, coaches, judges, whomever and become more family like, we will be able to weed out the fakes and phonies who like to have someone to blame all the time. Let’s stand up for our sport. Let’s make a difference and show everyone WHY we love our sport. 


Educational Cheerleading

I love everything about cheerleading and my goal in life is to make everyone that is a part of cheerleading, understand what it is all about. I want people to understand the athleticism, the politics, the music, the everything. I don’t know EVERYTHING about cheerleading, but I know a lot. I want to be an educator about the “sport” that I grew to love. The only reason I put sport in quotations is because it’s not considered a sport. Stay tuned for my blog and podcast about that topic!

I just spent over 77 hours in a span of 3 days judging almost 1,000 cheerleading teams. Most people would consider that stressful, boring, hard, or some other negative synonym to the aforementioned words, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I got to meet people who are just as passionate about cheerleading as I am and who can teach me as I go along.

Cheerleading is definitely part of my DNA, and as long as I can educate people whether it be by a blog, a podcast, or a presentation in front of a crowd, I will do it.

Anyone who is interested can check out the few podcasts I do have at cheerology.podomatic.com or follow me on Twitter at cheer_ology.

P.S. This is what a cheer hangover does to you.

Maryland Twisters

Time to discuss world renown gyms. I’ll be doing a series on gyms that are known thought the cheer world.

I’ll be starting the series off with Maryland Twisters from Glen Burnie, Maryland! The owner and president of this gym is Tara Cain. Between 2 locations they have 27 teams and over 500 athletes! Find out more about this wonderful gym in my podcast!

Thanks for your continued support and talk to you soon!



Worlds Predictions

You guys. Worlds is in just about a week! Although I will not be attending worlds this year, I will be streaming the competition via the World Wide Web.

I want to jump right into my predictions. I’ve contemplated this list over and over, I’ve watched an infinite amount of cheer videos, and I’m still not 100% confident with my list. Yes I have done my homework, I’ve researched for hours, but as you know, anything can happen at worlds. So I’ve put together my list based on what I think are the best PREDICTIONS. I would love to hear everyone else’s predictions.

Here goes nothing.

International Open CoEd Level 6

1. Bangkok University
2. GymTyme Chrome
3. Bogota Cheer Athletics

International Open All Girl Level 6

1. Cheer Athletics Lady Katz
2. Flyers All Starz Pink Fearless
3. CheerForce Lady Aztecs

International Open CoEd Level 5

1. CheerForce Nfinity
2. Cheer Athletics Wildcats
3. GymTyme Black

International Open All Girl Level 5

1. GymTyme Pink
2. Cali Sparkle
3. Vancouver Ice Queens

Large All Girl

1. World Cup Shooting Stars
2. Cheer Athletics Panthers
3. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

Large CoEd

1. Top Gun
2. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs
3. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite
4. Cali Coed

Medium All Girl

1. Maryland Twisters F5
2. Spirit of Texas A-Team
3. Cali Aces

Medium CoEd

1. Cali Black Ops
2. Spirit of Texas Royalty
3. Twist and Shout Obsession

Small All Girl

1. Lady Lightning
2. Woodlands Generals
3. Cali Lady Bullets

Small CoEd

1. Cali Smoed
2. Brandon Senior Black
3. PCM

There it is. My exhausted list. Now if you are wondering why I chose the teams I did, please check out my podcast: http://cherita-cheerology.podomatic.com/enclosure/2014-04-20T12_58_15-07_00.mp3

It is filled with not just my opinions but facts that support my predictions.

For all comments and questions and even your predictions you can comment here or email me at cherita.cheerology@gmail.com